Monday, November 30, 2009

Had an Awesome Thanksgiving Break.

Black Friday
was awesome.  I got my shopping done for my honey and my secret santa, and my sis-in-law got all the gifts she wanted for her kids. So overall I would say successful.  And once I got home from getting my gifts, my honey took me back to the mall for lunch and to walk around, and he bought me an awesome scarf I had wanted for forever and took me to see A Christmas Carol which was really great! I loved it!  Saturday we just stayed in bed all day watching football (rivalry week) and yesterday a lot of family came down to visit, so that was great!!  I was a great weekend and Im so excited that the holidays have begun!!
Oh! by the way, Deadlock by Iris Johansen was great! Definitely worth reading.  I dont know whats next on my list, but Ill let you know!  :D


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