Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


It's really hard to feel in a Christmas-y mood when it's 75 degrees outside. Ugh.  I'm so excited that my hubby and i are going on a trip (belated honeymoon) to North Carolina this December, then it will really feel like Christmas, maybe we'll even get to see snow!!
I'm really tired of Florida and it's bipolar weather.  I miss going to new places every few years and being able to experience different things, I'm getting tired of being stagnant.  I'm just really at the point now where I want to get OUT!
Dont get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to my in-laws that they are letting us live with them until the Navy transfers us somewhere, but I really want to be a "WIFE". I want to cook for my husband, to decorate my house, I'm so ready to "nest" but i cant.  It's really been getting to me lately... But I just need to be grateful for what I have now.

Anyways here are a few things that have been inspiring me lately...

Birdcut Sideboard from Anthropologie

White Duvet from Urban Outfitters

Gorgeous Bedroom from

Bird Candelabra from Anthropologie

Bird Hook from Urban Outfitters

Collected Memories Mirrors from Anthropologie

another gorgeous room from

Tucker Buffet and Hutch from Pottery Barn

There is so so so much more!  But thats going to be all for now.

OH! and I just started a new book: Men Are Better than Women by Dick Masterson.
And if you couldn't tell by the title, it's absolutely hilarious.


"Through a process of exhaustive man research he calls "keeping his eyes open," Dick Masterson has compiled a Magnum-size list of the ways men are better than women. It is an infallible compendium of man's greatness, filled with the most egregiously fallacious arguments ever put to words, but with some kind of miraculous, rock-solid man logic dripping like motor oil from every sentence. It is a manifesto more memorable than bullshit like High Fidelity or which Axe baby powder Maxim thinks you should slap on your nuts before clubbing, more chock-full of devastating man quotes than Oscar Wilde with two wangs. Most important, it is the only one of its kind. In Men Are Better Than Women, Dick Masterson dispenses logic from his man mouth into the eyes of his male readers like some kind of mighty mother man eagle with nutrient-rich word vomit. It's a book that makes you feel like driving a train into a dynamite factory and then tearing a telephone book apart with your bare hands, just because that's the way men have always done it.
Masterson's chapters are simple and self-contained, demand no commitments from readers, and have an immediate payoff. Men Are Better Than Women is a dangerous work of satire -- not dangerous in a revolutionary sense, but dangerous in that it walks the razor-thin line between cruelty and absurdity. That line is called hilarious."

Well, I'm excited to give it a go.  Until next time!!

Buona Notte!

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