Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am so thankful for
God's infinite love, patience, forgiveness and wisdom.
My amazing husband, who would do anything for me and our family. Who takes care of me and makes me feel beautiful and always loved.
Our amazing family, who has done so much for me when I needed them, and who continues to bless me with their love.
My mom being alive and continuing to heal.
My beautiful baby sister, niece, nephew and cousins.  The most intelligent, fun, lovable, beautiful children I've ever had the privilege to love.
For the best and most inspiring friends I could ever ask for: Tricia, Lauren, Stephanie, Allegra, and of course my honey.
Early morning breakfasts with my sweet hubby.
A very up-to-date public library system.
My sweet, sweet brat terrier who loves to snuggle.
The wonderful gift of marriage, and a wonderful man to share it with.
The Navy giving us a better future.
And of course all the servicemen, doing a job that I could never do.
The opportunity to earn a degree without breaking the bank (too badly).
Awesome t.v. shows like Criminal Minds, Bones, House and True Blood.
Sales racks.
Books, books, books!
The love of a truly amazing man.

There is really so much to be thankful for. I could never think of everything,  I don't even know if its possible!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

God bless!


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