Sunday, January 17, 2010

I absolutely LOVE Urban Oufitters! It's one of my very favorite stores, and while perusing my cosmo, i saw this little number, and I absolutely HAVE to have it!!!

I've also just been DYING for a fitted black blazer.  I just love the look of a blazer, a white tee, and some great jeans. And its so versatile!
I'm also a HUGE fan of  I want just about everything they sell. I love everything 1940's and 50's, so this site is perfect for me, though a lot of their clothes are WAY beyond my budget, they have great sales.  And Ive really been loving this cute little number from their site:

I've also been on the look out for a pair of classic, black pumps. You'd think they would be everywhere, right? Well, I have had absolutely no luck finding a decent pair, I guess they don't believe in black pumps in Florida? I guess Ugg boots are the only thing Floridians are allowed to wear. Ugh.  I would love me some of these:

Nine West- $79

But thats not going to happen, not on my budget. Sigh. Oh well.

Maybe I'll come back and add a bit more to my wishlist later. Lord knows Im always obsessing over something I see in a store.


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  1. Hi Amanda!

    Thank you for your thoughtful and kind comment, that was very sweet. Welcome to the blog world, sweetie. And welcome to military life. It's rough but fulfilling.


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