Saturday, January 16, 2010

May flowers

May couldn't come sooner, and it couldn't be farther away.  That's the month my honey will be leaving for basic.  I wish I didn't have to wait so long.  It's like a band-aid, the faster you rip it off, the quicker the pain will go away.  I'll miss him so very much for the months he is gone completing all of his training, but once he is back we'll be able to start a real life together, him having the career he has always dreamed of, we'll have our own home, we'll see the world together, our life will be so much better off.  But I'm conflicted, because so much will change.  I wont be able to expect him home everyday at 5 and we won't see our family as often as we do now, so I want to cherish what we have left of being close to our family.  I feel so blessed to be married to someone who wants so badly to honorably serve his country, and I can't wait to take on the role as a loving Navy wife.  From Navy brat to Navy wife, it's only fitting, right?
And I didn't realize recruits and their families had to go through so much just to join!  It's been such a long process, but it'll be worth it.

God Bless our troops!!!

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