Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dye, Tut, Tulips, and Lost

I just freshened up my color this afternoon, with the help of my best friend Allegra. It's not too different, just a bit darker with a hint of red, but I like it. 
I also just read something really interesting about the pharoah Tutankhamun and how he died. It's really interesting.  I really love egyptology so I found this a great news story.

Also. my hubby brought me some beautiful tulips! Some red and white ones. I really love them. He is such a sweetheart!  Sorry it's a little cluttered! Without the tulips in the middle you can really see my beautiful painting.

And I am so excited for Lost tonight!!! Please tell me ya'll watch it too! And not to brag (too much HAHA!)but I totally knew that the statue was Tauret!

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