Thursday, February 18, 2010

I read and watched the Vagina Monologues yesterday, and it was fantastic and timing was perfect.  I'm sad I didn't know about V-Day until after the fact, but I am definitely looking forward to doing anything I can to help promote something that strives to stop violence against women. 
Next on my book list is Midnight Voices by John Saul, I've read quite a few of his books and he is one of my favorite authors, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one.
But, nothing else really going on here.  I got a new, and much better looking vase for my tulips.... which was exciting to me, but not so exciting on paper (per se).
Well, the weekend is almost here! And I'm looking forward to spending time with my honey.  I can't get enough of him! Haha. I hope everyone has a great weekend...
And I'm thinking about doing a wedding post... maybe.  :D

Much love!

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  1. I LOVE John Saul!

    I left you something over on my blog :)


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