Monday, February 15, 2010


I'm going nuts. My right rear tire blew up the other night, so now without a car to drive I can't get to the library everyday and I have no books to read. I'm going insane! And my honey doesn't get home until 5:00 everyday, so he's always too tired to take me to the library, so I'm about to have some overdue books on my hands. This is ridiculous, this car (which we call the blueberry) has been nothing but a pain in my a$$ since we got it.
But I digress... so who has been keeping up with the Olympics? I've only watched a little bit, like the figure skating (which I love!) and isn't it sad about the luger who died? :(   I really enjoy watching the Olympics, but my favorite is the summer Olympics, I LOVE the gymnastics.  Can't wait for 2012! Unless the world ends first, then that would suck. HAHA! (Please hear my sarcasm.)



  1. UGH! I hate having inconvient! ugh!!

    I hope you get to the library soon sweetie :)


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