Sunday, February 21, 2010

October 17th, 2009

was the day I married the man of my dreams.  I decided to do a post about my wedding mostly because I LOVE reading and seeing pictures of other peoples' weddings and I'm sure others do too.  My honey's parents financed the wedding for us on a tight budget ($1200) and we are extrememly grateful for everything they gave and did for us.  We had the ceremony and reception at a beautiful park right next to the river.  Our colors were black and white with fall oranges and reds as accents.  It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit windy, and though not many of my family members were able to come, we were surrounded by people who love us.
The Bridesmaids: (From left to right) Jenni (his cousin),
Kayla (his sister), and Tricia (MOH and my best friend)

The Groomsmen: (From left to right) Nate (his cousin),
Garrison (Best Man and his brother), Adam (best friend), and Clay (best friend)

My Mom (This is later, during the reception,, we were really squinty in the other one!)

Michael's parents

All together now!

Flowergirl: Lexie (our niece)

Flowergirl: Emma (our little cousin)





Cake Table

Michael's dad walking me down the aisle

A prayer to start us off right

A kiss to seal the deal!


I love how everyone in the background is staring down the food!  haha!
(And Cracker Barrel was the perfect choice!)

A kiss during dinner
(We had to put 2 liters on each table to hold the table cloths down!)

My youngest sister Ryann

First Dance: L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole

Of course we had to have the traditional bird seed fight
(Wait, doesn't everyone have one at their wedding??)

Clay was grromsman and D.J.

And we ended the night by dancing like crazy people!

Our wedding was perfect for us.  It was untraditional, heartfelt and fun.  I wouldn't change a thing.  We cried, laughed, danced, hugged, kissed and threw birdseed at each other.  It was the start of something wonderful.


  1. beautiful wedding pictures! it is so hard to pull off a beautiful wedding on a tight budget, but you did it! kudos : )
    That is a super cute dress! And our colors were black and white too. But our accent color, if you can even call it a color, was silver!

  2. Oh sweetie!
    You made such a Beautiful Bride::::

    Beautiful pictures!

    Thanks for sharing***
    xoxooxox Jody

  3. that sounds really pretty Saralala (that's cue!) and thank you both so much! :D

  4. Beautiful wedding pictures!! Congrats on your special day :)


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