Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photo Tag!

I was *tagged* by Stephanie over at Army Wife on a Mission!!

Here are the rules....

1. Open your 1st Photo folder.

2. Scroll to the 10th photo.

3. Post the photo and the story behind it.

4. Tag 5 or more people
(I had to cheat a little, my first two folders didn't have 10 photos in it, so I went to the next folder after that.)
This was at my graduation, May 30th, 2008.  Alot of my family and Michael's family were able to celebrate with me.  We had just been dismissed from the Ceremony and there was Michael, waiting to greet and congratulate me.  :D It's one of my favorite pictures from before we got married.

Now I want to tag:
1. Stephanie Jundt over at Opalescent Owl (She is a fantastic artist and a great friend!)
2. Kim over at Navy Wife, Navy Life, Watch me Sink or Swim ( Check her out! She's so sweet, and when she meets 100 followers she is doing a great give away!)
3.  Heather at Riding the Roller Coaster (She has such a fun blog and is a real sweetheart)
4. Ashley at The Navy Wife (She takes fantastic pictures!)
5. Staci at Sending My Love From Hawaii (She just found out she is going to have a baby!!)

I'm off to watch Blazing Saddles!  Such a funny movie!
Happy Humpday ya'll!


  1. Aw what a SWEET picture I LOVE it......

  2. What a great picture!! Thanks for tagging me...I'm gonna have to go through my pictures!

  3. What a great Tag and
    u picked a great picture.

    Very cute :)
    congrats on your Tag!

  4. That is such a sweet picture! Thanks for the Tag I'm going to put mine up right now!

  5. thanks so much for tagging me!! I would do it but I don't even have 5 pics on this computer. :(

  6. awe. thats okay! maybe, just pick your favorite if you still want to participate. no big deal. And congratulations on your pregnancy!


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