Friday, February 12, 2010

So, The Business of Being Born was AMAZING.  EVERY woman should watch this movie. And men. It's eye opening and beautiful. I really want to own it now. Also, I bought a new comforter ($35 at Ross!) and it is absolutely fantastic.  So warm and comfy. But I have no idea what kind of duvet (if any) or sheets I want to get! I have an amazing painting my best friend Stephanie made for me as a wedding gift that I want to base my bedroom on.  It's a cherry blossom tree (light pink, white, and chocolate brown for the trunk) on a red background, so I want to stick to red, white, a very little bit of the pink and a teal (to spice things up) with black wood furniture.  Any ideas what kind of duvet and sheets I should get?  I keep rolling color combos in my head but I either can't find it or I'm not satisfied with it.  Any tips?

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