Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good Morning!

So, I definitely gave up on Lost boy, Lost Girl.  I just couldn't handle that foolishness. He was just all over the place! One second the character would be in a taxi in NYC, the next sentence he's in Illinois reminiscing, the next sentence he is in a hotel looking out the window. UGH. So I moved on and read a book called Sleeping with the Devil by Vanessa Marlow.  This book was great, it really makes you want to donate to a battered women's shelter.  It's pretty racy and explicit, but other than that it's a great read.  And I have three more books waiting for me at the library, so I can't wait to go get them and start reading.

On a lighter note, I just wanted to share a sweet picture of Molly that I took this morning.

She is saying "Momma, I beg you, please come back to bed!"

She is the laziest, sweetest dog, ever.

Well, I have my coffee, Buffy comes on at 9... I'm great! :D

Quick poll, who prefers creamer in their coffe? and who prefers milk? Or who has no preference? Because I definitely prefer milk.

Ciao for now!

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  1. Milk over creamer, I guess! (unless it's flavored creamer that I like!)

    Thank you for your sweet comment.



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