Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thank you so very much Miss Jody !!! You're so sweet!

And with this comes great responsibility. Haha! I am supposed to write 10 more things about myself, and then send it off to 10 people...

1. I have a place for everything and everything is ALWAYS in it's place.
2. I love all animals, immensely, I generally respect them more so than I do people.
3. I read constantly.
4. I love having flowers in the house.
5. I've dyed my hair brown, black, purple, and red but I've never gone fully blonde.
6. I love caeser salad.
7. I prefer Smart water over any other type.
8. I don't walk over sewer grates.
9. I'm phobic of all types of bugs, especially cockroaches.
10. I am the oldest of 7 children, but biologically I am an only child.

And for those I want to send this off to, all of my followers. There's just 8 of you, so I say you all deserve it.            

Also, everyone NEEDS to watch Temple Grandin on HBO. Absolutely fantastic.

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