Friday, February 19, 2010


I got another award!  It's a Just Because award from two very sweet women, Stephanie from Army Wife On A Mission!! and Miss Jody from Miss Fancy Pants.  They are two truly awesome women, you should definitely check out their blogs!
Just Because award.

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It's Just Because...
So far it's been a great day! My hubby stayed home with me today because yesterday I was feeling really down and he wanted to cheer me up (I know, he is so sweet!).  So we went to lunch, he bought me one of those Wallflower things from Bath and Body, we got my tire fixed and even checked out a used book store we just found and he bought me four books! Including one Dean Koontz I haven't had the pleasure of reading yet (I know, a Dean Koontz I hadn't read? Psh. haha). And the jewelery I ordered online came in today! So, needless to say I'm in a great mood.
Lots of love!!

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