Sunday, March 21, 2010

Complete crap

All I want for Easter is to buy my niece (and myself) a freaking Kinder surprise egg.
But they don't sell them in America (psh.) and shipping them here is CRAZY expensive. Ugh. This is depressing.


  1. me toooo!!! I want one haha. Have you checked in world market? I have to admit I go there a lot when Im craving chocolate from England...oops??!

  2. I LOVE kinder eggs!

    I bought some in Canada, Dubai and Bahrain(they are so different there, not the chocolate eggs, it's a chocolate ball in some kind of white creme)

    They need to sell them here.

  3. yeah, world market doesnt sell them either. i go there a lot to get Italian food. :)
    i want to go to bahrain, i hear you can buy gold for real cheap there! haha

  4. I have no idea what your talking about-but I want some!
    Chocolate? I'll eat it!
    Germany chocolate has got to be the best kind also..
    Oh my...


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