Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm no good

at this whole blogging thing. I never have anything worth saying!! At least for now, once the big changes come though I'll definitely have something. Be sure of it.  :)
I am so unhappy about this healthcare bill passing, it's unbelievable. But, that's all I'm gonna say here.
I started a new book yesterday, and it's great, but I don't think I'm going to have much time for reading today.  Gotta do laundry, clean the house, take a shower, pick up a couple more holds at the library, and I REALLY want to buy a new room spray. For real (it's an addiction).  Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic spring day.
Catch ya later!


  1. Your day sounds much like mine. :)

  2. It's your blog;you can say what you want!

    Sounds like a busy day. Have fun!

  3. i agree about the bill...not thrilled!

    where are yall stationed at???

  4. What!?
    I love your blog!

    It's YOUR blog.
    Do whatever.
    I do.
    I put stupid pics, talk about nothing, posts pics about gross stuff. Do what you want honey!! :)

    Your great Amanda! :)
    Heart you!xoxoxoox

  5. awe! thanks so much miss jody! you are such a sweetheart!!

  6. thanks for the comment!

    my man is stationed in Corpus Christi, TX but since he's in the CG he is stationed on a Navy Base down there!

  7. oh, and congrats on your engagement!!!


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