Thursday, March 25, 2010


My sweet dog Molly (yes, I definitely got her nickname from Harry Potter!) is the best little furbaby I could ever ask for!! It never fails, every morning when Michael gets up for work (and I get to sleep in) she pops her little black head out from under our white comforter and watches her daddy get ready and whenever he leaves shes comes back under the covers and curls up into my chest and snuggles me until I get up for the day.  She makes my mornings a little brighter.  :)

I'm looking forward to the good weather we are supposed to have, I'm going to the beach with Michael's awesome cousin, her hubby and one of their kids (Emma is such a little sweetie) so I get to put my pale legs in the sun in hopes of maybe  possibly hopefully (please God!) getting another color besides white onto my legs (and white isn't even a color!) Haha. Yes, I am BEYOND pale, and it's sad. :)

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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