Thursday, March 11, 2010

So, when will I hit menopause?

Ugh, I have been laid up in bed alll day (thank God for netflix!) with a terrible headache and horrible cramps. Ugh.  It's all grey and rainy outside, but I love this type of weather.  It's perfect for laying in bed reading and watching movies and snuggling. But I am NOT happy about this headache :(

For the good news, we have been talking to another couple (C and P) we are friends with about getting an apartment together.  P leaves for bootcamp in April so it would work out great that we, C and I,  could have our own place and keep each other company in our misery. haha. I really hope things work out, because C and P know the landlord and he knows our situation, so he wouldn't mind if we couldn't make the rent for a month or so while we are waiting for the Navy to send their paychecks.  And the only person with credit is my husband, so the landlord would be lax on that too since he knows that when P and C lived there before they were really good about making the rent payments and keeping the place nice. I pray it works out!! 

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