Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter pics!

Dear Lord, I'm embarassed to even show this one,
but it's the only pic I got of me and my love all day!

The whole Chesser clan!

The cousins, plus my BIL's girlfriend and me.

Jenni (cousin in law) and me!
Isn't she beautiful!

Overall it was a great day, my side of the family didn't really do anything today so the hubs and I went to my Mom's after Easter dinner and spent some time with them then.  (Sadly I didn't have my camera, all those above are courtesy of our cousin Jenni.)

And this week I get to watch my neice and nephew for a few days while their mom and dad are vacationing in Jamaica! I'm really looking forward to it spending some quality time with those sweethearts!

God Bless!


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