Thursday, April 1, 2010


Let me preface this by saying that though I am 100% against abortion and it does affect the way I vote, I do not and will not judge people because they believe differently.   I am also totally against the way many Christians and other pro-lifers go about trying to get their point across.  Picketing, yelling, accosting and hating people absolutely is not the right or Godly way.  Also, why WHY do they post up in fake clinics that bear almost the same name as an abortion clinic to "help" people by deceiving and accosting women?  I understand that they want to change people's minds and help them to make a better decision, but it's not helpful and it only makes people believe that Christians are hateful, prejudiced, bigots.  I mean, how can people not think that with how many Christians present themselves?  Christians are supposed to love everyone just as Jesus does, we are supposed to guide people to the cross.  All of God's teachings are based in love.  We as Christians shouldn't just pick and choose which verse we want to uphold. And we also need to realize that NO SIN IS BETTER OR WORSE THEN ANOTHER.  Everyone is a sinner and God also offers His grace to everyone.  But I don't want to neglect the other very important issues that are not being handled correctly.  Picketing and hating people for being soldiers or homosexuals or anything really is wrong, it's hateful, it's unimagineable and it is absolutely not Godly.
Ugh. I don't even know what to say anymore.  I'm honestly disgusted and really heated right now and I think I'm going to stop before I say something that I'll regret later.

*Disclaimer: Please don't think I am saying ALL Christians do this and that all Christians are wrong, I am only speaking about those that DO act this way.  I am Christian myself and I know I can't speak for everyone.  I love everyone and I don't think that these people are evil or bad, merely misguided and harmful.  I am also not saying I am better or more Godly than anyone else. It's absolutely not true. I am a sinner, I'm no better than anyone else. And I sincerely apologize if I have given any misinformation and if I have said anything to make anyone believe that I'm trying to lump all Christians into the same group because that's not what I'm trying to do.


  1. I don't understand why some of them do the things they do either. Other peoples actions are not for me to judge. God is the only one to do that! We all do it, but I think some people take it too far.

  2. Even though I am well aware of the many Christians who do not misrepresent their religion, I still hold a grudge against organized religion. Always will.

    However, Taoism is rather interesting. Read the book of Fuck It.

  3. Girl I was reading about those Picketing and let me tell you I hope I NEVER see them doing that because I will be going to jail i can't believe they are even allowed to do that....UGH..This subject gets me heated up...

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