Sunday, May 23, 2010

I got a letter!

I'm sooooooooo happy right now! I finally got my first letter from my honey.  :D
He is such a sweetheart. He got a job as the dental yeoman (because they won't give anyone with JROTC experience leadership jobs, which I think is bogus.)  But he said he is doing great!  I'm so proud of my hubby.
I am kinda worried though, I've sent three letters so far and I've used the Forever stamps (I put one on each envelope) but on the envelope I recieved from Michael he used two forever stamps, was I suppose to use two???
Please let me know!


  1. I'm glad you got a letter from him!!! :) Not sure about the stamp situation though. I hope he gets your letters :)

  2. Letters are the best! They make the entire week tolerable because they put you on cloud 9 :)

    btw, only reason you'd need more postage if it weighs more than a certain about of ounces or is big in size...i think he did it just to be safe,lol :)

  3. YAY YAY YAY!!! Those are the best days!!!! My hubs put two stamps on his also. I usually sent 3 letters in one envelope with only one stamp and they all got there just fine. I think you are probably okay just using the one stamp. YAY!!!! So happy for you!

  4. You're fine with the one stamp, if he hasn't gotten your letters... it's the military probably doing it on purpose.

    During bootcamp my husband didn't get any mail until 8wks in, they held it all. All part of "breaking and molding" them into Marines I suppose.

    My friend in the Navy didn't get letters until the 4wk.

  5. You should be fine with one stamp, it has to do with weight, not distance. He was probably just being safe! :) I'm glad you got a letter! Keep churning out yours, even if you don't get one from him for a little bit. They will be his lifeline! And, I always found it really therapeutic to write to him, so it helped me, too.

  6. I only used one when I wrote last summer!!!

    YAY FOR LETTERS!!!!! I remember everytime I saw my Coastie's handwriting in the mailbox I would start to all day...tears...

    I agree with your thoughts on leadership bogus!!! why do they do that???

    Keep us updated beautiful!!!


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