Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's the little things that I miss the most.

-his hand on my thigh as he drives.
-the way he fixes the perfect coffee, every time.
-when he wakes up really cold in the morning and snuggles up to me because I'm always so warm when I sleep.
-when he decides to take a day off of work "just because".
-the way his toes curl up when he's sitting comfortably in "his chair".
-that half smile he gives me when I pay him a random compliment.
-the roughness of his hands.
-the way he smells, oh Lord, I love how he smells.
-when he puts his old smelly hat on my head, I feign disgust and he tells me how adorable I look with it on.
-how he never fails to tell me how beautiful I am. At least 100 times a day.
-how his arms fit so tightly around me when we hug and I'm just tall enough to nestle my face into his neck.
-how amazingly soft his face feels after he shaves.
-how quickly his beard grows.
-the roughness when his scruff scratches my face.
-how he takes his socks off as soon as he gets home and leaves them anywhere (on the table, the counter,    the couch, our bedroom floor, anywhere but the hamper).
-how amazingly friendly he is, to everyone.
-that look he gives me when I'm saying something incredibly stupid or crazy.
-how he holds my hand when we walk together, always.
-when he fiddles with my wedding ring.
-he insists that he still wear one of my thin hairbands on his wrist (he would wear my hairband in high school as a way to show that he was taken, corny, but cute.)
-the way his arms look while he's driving, or ever. (he has great arms)  :)
- how protective he is of me. Always watching out for my safety.
- how incredibly uncontrolling he is.
-when we play "trivia" and we never know the answers to each others questions because he asks American history and military questions and I ask anatomy and theology questions.
- when he tries to impress me by saying every Italian word I've ever taught him all at once. and he does so horribly. It's so darn cute.
- how he calls me Yankee, even though I only lived in Connecticut for three years, while I've lived here (where he is from) for 6.
- how, when service in a restaurant is really good, he tips well and goes to the manager to tell them about a job well done.
- he is such a gentleman.
-and a good ol' southern boy.
-how he makes fun of me for blogging so often and "threatens" to find it and read it all.
- when I'm reading blogs and he looks over from "his chair" and says "who's that?" knowing full well that I have no idea who it is. haha!
-those hilarious notes and drawings he leaves on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.
-how picky he is about his clothes.
-when he sings to me (terribly I might add)
-that he is finally living out his dream to serve our country.
-how much our country means to him.
-how strong and honorable he is and how he carries those traits in everything he does.
-how he loves me unconditionally, irrevocably, and wholly forever.

Honestly, I can go on ffoorreevveerr. But I won't bore you any longer.
Have a fantastic Saturday, never take anything for granted, give extra hugs and kisses or say an extra prayer if your honey can't be there.
Much Love!!


  1. I know what you mean! It's amazing how much I miss just sitting around watching TV w/my husband! Or just having him nap on the couch next to me...

  2. I love these posts!!!! It really is the little things that matter most.

  3. Great post. I miss the little things too. But I know thinking about those little things just make me appreciate them more when hubby is home.

    HOpe you're having a great weekend!


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