Thursday, May 27, 2010

My SIL in law got a letter today from my hubby. I haven't gotten one yet since the very first one. Im glad that he got a chance to write and hear from his sister, and im glad she is getting a chance to hear from him too because i know she misses him a lot.
But is it terrible that I feel extra sad and pretty jealous that I didn't get one when I wrote a whole bunch of letters before she even wrote the one? I really miss him, extra now, because I go to the mail box every day hoping I'll receive a letter and the one day a letter from him comes, it isn't for me. :(
I feel bad that I'm being so selfish and childish about it, but I really can't help it. Oh well, maybe one will come tomorrow?
One can only hope.


  1. I would be the same way. But I'm WAY different. When J went to basic, no one but me had his address.......still now, I'm the only one who has his boat e-mail.

    Keep your chin up! You'll get one soon I bet!

  2. I don't think your being selfish. You miss your hubby and of course you want another letter from him. That's only natural. I think I would probably feel the same! As long as you don't hold it against her.. or him. I'm sure he's doing his best to spread his love and his time with his letters. <3 Hang in there girl =) Can't wait to hear about you getting your next letter!!

  3. Aw girl its totally normal I felt the same way when B wrote his sister and I didn't get one I felt the same way and I write B everyday.

  4. I feel ya girlie... The mail man had it out for me =) Even though I live with J's parents, they would get a letter on Wednesday and I would get one on Thrusday. And J swears up and down they all go out the same day. Who knows where yours is. I am SURE that you will getting one very shortly!!! Prayers for ya lady!!! =)


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