Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am so happy right now!

I can hardly contain myself! I got a nice, long phone call from my honey!!!!!
I was crying and shaking, I was so happy.  His whole division got a one hour phone call because they did so well on a gun inspection (i think, haha!)  Michael told me that whoever was inspecting them said that his division did the best that he's ever seen.  They got a flag for it (I guess that's good haha!) and a nice long phone call. His division did great on their PFA as well.  I am so very proud of him!!! He's doing such a fantastic job and I couldn't be any prouder!!! Less than 20 days until I see my honey! And he says that he gets the entire weekend off!!
Now, how to afford 5 days in Chicago with no car?  hmmmm, I feel a bit of money borrowing coming on.  :D

Nothing can bring me down today. Knock on wood.  I may go lay by my pool and read a little. Yes?
Oh, and dangit, by the time we got to Old Navy they were totally out of tank tops.  Oh well, I didn't need to spend the money anyway.  OH! Also, my guest blogger will be posting soon. Finally. haha!!

Ciao for now!


  1. Yay!!! Those were always my favorite things ever. unexpected, long, make me cry I'm so happy, phone calls! Its getting so close to time to see him. How very exciting.

  2. awww yay! I remember the first phone call I got...I was home sick as a dog but I was so happy to hear from my hunny that just hearing his voice made everything better! :) I'm glad you got to hear from him!



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