Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm so very happy right now.

 I was woken up today by a phone call from one of my very best friends! We talked for 2 and a half hours (with is forever for me, I am terrible at phone conversations) and we talked about how much we miss and love our sailors (or soon-to-be-sailor in my case) and of course, no conversation would be complete without a serious discussion about Harry Potter and plans for a trip to the new Harry Potter theme park.  :D

Then, I walked down to my mailbox and what do you know? a letter from my honey!!!  It came complete with a stick figure drawing labeled me, you, and LOVE and the I in his name dotted with a heart.  :) I also noticed a very discreet "Amanda is so hot" in the corner of the first page.  He always knows how to make me giggle.  :)  He says the PT is pretty weak and that he passed his first academic test and got a Perfect on his first locker inspection.  I'm so very proud of my husband.  He also has an RDC named Vorhees (like Jason!) with totally tickled me seeing as how I love horror movies.  :)  He also told me that my picture (which I promise isn't dirty) was being passed around his barracks by all the guys. HAHA! Poor, lonely "future sailors" (I hear that's what they are calling them now).  At least I can cheer them up a little, right? :)

Well, I'm having a great day, and I really hope ya'll are too!
Ciao for now!


  1. That's awesome! I'm so happy for you! I'm the same way, I'm not good on the phone, I love to text.. but a phone conversation is nice once in a while too. =) Awe that's so cute about his letter to you! <3

  2. Wooo best friend phone conversations and letters from the man are the most fantastic things ever!!

  3. oh my gosh do you ever sound like my best friend and I:) We always talk about harry potter, and would kill to go to the new theme park!!

    My hubby used to send me stick figure drawings while he was in basic training:) Always made me laugh!

    Can't wait to read more!

  4. awww yay..thats so great! I loved getting letters from my hubby while he was in bootcamp. It was always so exciting! And it was so funny too cause I would send him pics all the time (no dirty ones, i promise) and the day of his bootcamp graduation after the ceremony I was searching for him in the crowd and another sailor came up to me and asked "Are you looking for Taylor?" I was so shocked but my hubby had shown my picture to all the guys in his division and they recognized me from the pics and helped me find him! :) It was sweet!


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