Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've been hearing a lot about "blarts" (blog farts) and I'm definitely having one of those.  My guest blogger has been busy with some family problems lately, but she still plans on posting, we just aren't sure when we'll be ready.
I've spent way too much money this week. Ugh. It's depressing, albeit most was on bills, but EVERYONE is having a birthday right now, and I hate not getting people gifts for their birthday, I feel so bad if I leave anyone out. Ugh.
I miss my honey a lot, and that makes me whiney, so i'm going to quit while I'm ahead.

Hopefully I'll have something interesting for ya'll soon.


  1. Glad you are catching up on everything! I'll bet that feels good. I am feeling you on the whinny thing!!! I swear if I wrote what was on my mind 90% of the day it would be "I miss my hubs...mmmm Food!" I am thinking it's a pretty normal symptom though. It'll work it's self out. Hope you got a letter! Those are the best. One of the best pieces of advice I got from here (that I wish I had done) was write a number on all of your letters so he can read them in order, and write the dates that you receive his letter so you will always be able to look back on that. =) It will pass very quickly!!!

  2. I go through the "everybody's birthday/gift time" in both May AND August/September

    May- Mother's Day, My dad's birthday, my best friend's birthday, another friend's birthday, my father in law's birthday. Then June is Father's day

    August- My brother's birthday, my friend's birthday
    September- My mom's birthday, my birthday, my husband's birthday, a good friend of mine's birthday (same as mine), My cousin's birthday, my grandma's birthday....etc...feels like EVERYONE was born in MY birthday month :S

  3. My mom taught me something awhile ago that you might think of doing... she has a gift closet at home. I live in a significantly smaller place so I have a gift shelf in my linen closet.

    Anyway... you know after the holiday's they have those ridiculous 75% off sales? Well, we usually snatch up some cute candles, reed diffusers, picture frames, etc. and put them on our gift shelf. That way when events come up we have a little something to give.

    I also swear by the Dollar Tree Store... oh my goodness. Most people think the stuff in there is going to be cheap, so they hardly step foot inside, which is GREAT for me, because I can make a gift basket for all of $5-$7!
    -tissue paper
    -picture frame
    -cute notebook
    -matching pens

    There is stuff for guys too! My dad and husband walk down the hardware aisle and ALWAYS find something they "need." Haha.

    Well that's my "money saving" blurb for the day... sorry it was so long.


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