Saturday, June 5, 2010

vintage love.

There's an antique store right down the street from where I live.  I've always passed by thinking "wow, I HAVE to check this place out" but I've never gone in.  Well, I'm so glad I finally took a look today.  They have the most beautiful furniture, jewelery and any other assorted knick knacks you could think of.  I couldn't afford to really go shopping around today, but I did buy the most BEATIFUL ring.  It's sterling silver with seed pearls and peridot in the shape of a fleur de lys. I'm obsessed with it! I wish I could get a good picture, but they all come out terrible. :( and it was only $27! I can't wait until next pay week so I can go find some more awesome jewelery!
Well, nothing else is  happening right now (seems to be a trend huh?)

Lots of Love!


  1. yay for vintage shopping! i love digging through antique mom used to take me when I was younger, and its probably why I'm vintage obsessed! lol :)

  2. This sounds awesome!! I love going to antique stores, I found one of my favorite americana decorative items from one. I posted a picture of if on my blog way back when, will have to find it! Congrats on your find!!

  3. I love antique stores too! There are so many around me ... I have to keep myself away for fear I will spend my entire paycheck there. Lol. Your ring sounds beautiful :)

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I appreciate it.


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