Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help please...

Okay, so my hubby turns 21 this weekend, and I want to get him a great gift.  But here's the glitch: he is in Phase 1 of A-school so I have to make sure that whatever I get him won't take up much space in his room, won't be contraband, and will still be useful and awesome. He also can't leave base so there goes my naughty lingerie idea. Oh, and did I mention that he is REALLY picky.  Ugh.  I'm already going to bake him cookies, bring some candy, and I'm buying him the next two books in a series he is reading... but I don't feel like that's enough!  He doesn't have hobbies, unless you count video games (but it's not like he can play them now anyways) and he has no use for new clothes.  He already has an awesome watch, brand new laptop, nice cellphone and all the gadgets that go with it.  I'm at a loss. Ideas would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Well Happy 21st to your man! I don't have any ideas though. Sorry!!

  2. I just did a post on gifts! If you don't like any of the ideas you should still checkout the websites, they have so much stuff.
    Or...I got Ben a remote control helicopter for Christmas! I swear all the men in the house loved it. They played with it all day. Boys will be boys!

  3. Not sure about gift ideas... and the cookies/candy sounds great, but just in case you were disappointed you couldn't really do a cake, here's an idea for that... bake some cake batter in a Mason jar (you know, the kind with a lid) and send him that with a tub of frosting. Just a thought.

  4. Does he like music? Get a usb and put music and pictures on it. Send that to him. (that only is if he has a computer though.


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