Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It is what it is.

We had our first negative experience with the Navy today.  I feel terrible, not because of what happened but because of how my honey took it and that I wasn't there to help him.
Michael was supposed to start second phase tomorrow, leaving him open this and every weekend to leave base and visit with his family.  Well, today they told him that they are going to be in first phase for another 28 days.  My reaction was "oh man, that sucks. But oh well, I can still visit you on base, no big deal."  My honey's reaction was huge.  He was livid.  I tried to empathize with how he must feel, I really did.  I know he's been made to feel like a peice of sh** for the past 9 weeks and he has been looking forward to getting a break, but I can't help but feel like "it is what it is", there's nothing we can do about it except make the best of it.  I know what to expect, I know that we will be left disappointed more often than not, I know he'll miss a lot of events in ours and our children's lives, and I know that there's nothing we can do about it.  I just think he is having a harder time relinquishing all control.  I hate that I can't give him a hug and tell him that I'll be with him every step of the way.  Oh well, I'm going to visit this weekend, we have to stay on base, and I can't touch him at all (which will be torture) but at least I'll be close to him.


  1. Why did they bump him down? Someone in his barracks get in trouble, or did he?

    I remember the whole phase system. It sucked. I couldn't wait until phase 3, so he could stay out the entire weekend with me, overnight. Although, he snuck away for a weekend while on phase 2, by not checking out with his phase card.. could have got him in a lot of trouble, but he wanted to spend Valentines day with me.

    Just keep your head up and stay positive for him.

  2. I agree. Positivity is a great way to go. I'm sorry he got bumped down...I always hated that.

  3. Thats crappy but I agree with you. The navy will let you down many more times to come, believe me!! Its not that big of a deal, but I know it still sucks. I didn't get to see my husband at all during his a-school cause I was in Cali and his school was in Mississippi. Then we found out when he graduated that he was getting deployed asap. That was a crappy situation and we were both livid, but I think I was more mad than he was. At that point he had already accepted that the navy tells us what to do and when were gonna do it, lol! I had a harder time getting used to that idea, so it was a struggle for me. We still aren't reunited yet but he is coming home soon. Just keep your head up girl and try to be encouraging and supportive for your hubby. Thats really all you can do for now. I hope things get better, and at least you can still visit him!! :)

  4. Being property of the army and having no control has been hard for my husband too. I'm not sure why he didn't realize that he wouldn't have a say in anything when he joined...but now all he can do is make the best of it!


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