Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Question for the milspouses!!

East coast or West coast orders?  They gave Michael a list today of his options, and he gets to pick East Coast or West Coast tomorrow, but we are unsure what to pick!!
He is leaning towards West Coast (he's pretty sure we would get stationed in WA) so that for his first duty station he will be on shore duty and he can learn his job much better before being assigned to a ship.  But if we go west coast, we'll get VA, which will be closer to his family, but again, he wants to really learn his job first... How do you like the bases or coasts compared to others? Any advice??


  1. That's hard. It would be difficult for us. We are West Coast and that's where all of our loved ones are. East Coast would be fab because it'd be an adventure for us. I can't wait to find out where you guys go!

  2. We love living on the East coast, we're in Virginia Beach my hubby is stationed at Ocean. We love it here and want to stay when he gets out. We're right on the beach and the nightlife is awesome :) Also there are five bases in this area so it's very military friendly here.

  3. We are on the East coast and we love it!

  4. We're leaning towards west coast when the time comes! More convenient for him work wise, milder weather, just a better career choice overall


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