Friday, July 23, 2010

West Coast

Sorry, couldn't help myself.  So, my honey requested west coast yesterday. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it is what it is. I'm thinking we will most likely be stationed in CA, which kinda sucks (no offense to those who LOVE CA, it just isn't for me!). I will follow my honey to the ends of the earth, even if we end up stuck in Mexico AHEM I mean California. 
Pors and Cons:
- It's where I'm from, originally, so I have to like it, right?
-There is a possibility of being stationed in WA, definitely my preference.
- I have some family there, and my best friend also lives near by.
-Knott's Berry Farm
-less humidity
-higher BAH

-Noone speaks English
-Too many illegal immigrants
-I hate the driving down there
-I'm always cold.
-the beach sucks.
-the cost of living is much higher
-wildfires (i'll take a hurricane any day)

This isn't an entirely serious list, but oh well, I'll go anywhere.  :)
Do any of you lovely ladies have any info about bases in California and Washington? I'd love to learn as much as I possibly can!!  Thanks!


  1. We are on the west coast. I really like it! I am from the east coast an d am enjoying the change. I am excited for you two!!

  2. Mr. T was stationed in both CA and WA. I loved WA...It is beautiful up there. We both grew up in CA and so it wasn't a big change for us...that is where we still are here. It just depends on the base you end up at really. If you end up somewhere down in San Diego...let me know and Mr. T can totally help you guys out. If you end up in Bremerton in WA...he can help you out there too. If you have any questions...we'd both be glad to answer them for you guys.

  3. Hey!! CA isn't that bad!! Ok, the illegal immigration is pretty bad, but trust me plenty of people still speak english! Lol! I am from so-cal and its really not that bad. The traffic, yes its horrible but you will get used to it. And the wildfires really arent that big a deal, I mean they happen every year but I'm sure you will be safe living in San Diego. Plus there are alot of perks to living in so-cal: like you said DLand, Knotts, the beach (im guessing u dont like?),the mountains (Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead etc),Hollywood and LA (always make for a fun and good shopping experience!) and theres wayyyy more! Plus there is just so much to do its ridiculous, not to mention all the good food!! :)
    Oh and my cousin's hubby is in the Navy and they are stationed at Bremerton, Wa and she HATES it there!!! All she does is comlain how its always cold, wet and rainy! She is always pisting on fb that she wants to move and that she can't even enjoy the beach cause its too cold. So I donno, she could just be a debby downer though, lol. And also something to keep in mind : Just because your hubby requested west coast doesn't necessarily mean thats where you'll end up. My husband requested west coast so we could be near our families, but we were sent all the way to Virginia!!! So don't be too bummed. You still have a little while before you know where you guys will be heading, and its all part of the adventure!! :)

  4. I was born and raised in California, and also am not the biggest fan of it. But I would kill to be stationed in San Diego... I love it there! Granted, I speak Spanish, and that helps. We're hoping to get out there in a few years :) I've never been to the bases in WA, but Wife of a Sailor ( is up there, and she LOVES it.

  5. I am from San Diego and have also lived in WA for over 10 years. San Diego has so much to do- you'll never be bored and the weather is wonderful. Washington has lots of rain, but it is beautiful! We were in Whidbey Island, which I definitely would prefer over Bremertonor or Everett. I am not sure if you guys are surface or aviation- but if you are aviation you might be able to go to Whidbey Island. As much as I love my hometown- I am hoping we get back to Washington!


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