Friday, September 3, 2010


My honey is in town for the long weekend! I'm so excited.  :) We got back to Jacksonville around 11 last night, visited with his parents for a little bit, but since they were tired we went to the casbah to meet up with his best friend and cousin.  He is spending the day fishing with his dad and tonight we're having dinner at with his parents.  We're working so hard to try to fit time in with everyone, but it's tough! Also, I would like some alone time with him too, you know? But, we're moving soon so he needs the time with his family.
I hope I remember to take a lot of pictures!!
What is everyone's plans for the holiday weekend??
And I am SO READY for cool fall weather!!!!


  1. I hope your weekend is fantastic! Thats awesome that he got to come see you! I hope you get some nice alone time with him :) I hear you on being ready for fall weather! I am so sick of summer by now.

  2. That's awesome that you guys get the long weekend together! whoohoo! :) I hope you guys get some alone time! ;) Have fun!


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