Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few {totally awesome} Christmas gifts

The Hipster Mustache (a must-have)
"You've got the tousled hair, the mismatched clothes and the gaudy sunglasses, but still, something feels off. Something is missing. Ohhhhh, yes, the ironic mustache, how could we forget!? This absurd lip accessory is made of life-like synthetic hair with an adhesive backing for secure placement. This is an essential for any authentic hipster costume, or for the actual hipster with a hormone disorder and a lack of stubble. Poor guy."

Smoking Gloves (by all means, don't let the cold stop you!)
"Keep your hands toasty while doin' the deed - set of super cozy ambidextrous mittens - one with a metal eyelet dividing the index finger from the rest of the digits, in perfect placement for holding a cig."

A Hamburger Cheeseburger Phone (because everything is better with cheese)
""Can you hold on for a second? I'm on my hamburger phone. It's just like really awkward to talk on." Phone home in real-deal Junebug style with your very own hamburger phone (ok, this is actually a cheeseburger phone, technically, but really, what isn't better with cheese?). And you know what? It's really not awkward to talk on - we promise. Seriously. Packed with non-burgerish phone features, including: touch tone dialing, adjustable volume, last number redial and an extra-long cord."

Sea Creature Mask (noone would ever guess it was you) 
"Sea to it. Soft knit acrylic ski mask, complete with eye and mouth cutouts and sea creature tentacles."
Leg Lamp (a major award for that special someone)
"Fra-gi-le - It must be Italian! Get into the holiday spirit with this Leg Lamp - a scaled-down replica of that "very special award" in A Christmas Story. Comes with leggy base (complete with real fishnet stocking) and fringed shade. 3-way switch lets you turn on the lamp, light up the leg or do both at once."

The Beer Belt ('nuff said)
"Finally! Yes, it's the life-changing, prayer-answering, best-idea-anyone's-ever-had invention of the century! Cause seriously, holding a beer is exhausting! And don't even get us started on holding 6 beers. Whew! But thankfully, the long dark days of arm-breaking party beer-holding are over. Say "hello" to your new best friend, the Beer Belt! This sturdy nylon belt feature 6 plastic cup holders, sized to fit cans or bottles. Fully adjustable, with a plastic buckle. Imported. Wipe clean."

These gifts are absolutely fabulous (and I'm not being sarcastic!) I think Christmas should be full of love and laughter, and these gifts definitely don't hold back on the laughter. Who says gift giving has to be taken seriously? I personally would LOVE to be on the recieving end of any of these gifts.

*all items are from Urban Outfitters, click the picture and it will bring you to the website. I was not asked or compensated in any way for featuring these products on my blog.*

Happy Shopping!

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