Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting excited!

I got my homecoming packet today :) The countdown has begun!!! I can't wait for my first FRG meeting (I decided to push my fears aside and try my best to make some friends!) ,the Night Before Party, and of course my honey's Homecoming!!! Once my honey is home, I won't be posting anything until the New Year, since we are going to be doing a lot of traveling starting the day after my honey gets back. BUT I will make sure to update ya'll as soon as I get back. I jsut hope I remember to take a lot of pictures!! Can't wait till my sailor gets home!!! :D

P.S. negative pregnancy tests are seriously depressing.  :(


  1. yay for getting the homecoming packet!!!!! :) and yes negative pregnancy tests are really depressing.

  2. That is definitely exciting! Can't wait to see all your pictures :)

    sorry about the negative tests :/

  3. I have been an frg leader for my hubby's comapany. It was really fun. I made great friendships and we were a real source of encouragement for each other. I am glad
    your sweetie will be home soon! That is
    such a special experience welcoming home
    your man!!


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