Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have a milspouse question!! :)

Well, there is going to be a FRG meeting/potluck a few days before my husband's homecoming and I would really like to go and meet the other wives and hopefully make some new friends. I am afraid though that I won't be accepted/wanted because my husband has only been on the ship for less than half of their deployment and I've never been to an FRG meeting before. I don't want to commit any milspouse faux pas and i'm worried about any prejudices they may have against me for not having to handle the entire deployment.  Should I be worried or am I being silly??


  1. I think I would have that worry too. Actually my husband is home in a unit that is deployed so I do feel weird sometimes. I would go and check it out, see how things are. And you can always leave early if you don't feel comfortable :)

  2. i don't think you need to worry, just be friendly and talkative and you should be fine. if some people seem to have a problem with you then you probably don't want to be friends with them anyway. :)

  3. I think you'll be ok. If they're going to turn their noses up at you because your husband hasn't been gone as long as theirs, theyre not worth the effort.

    You can't control those things :)

  4. GO! How are they going to know exactly how long he's been gone? I've seen this happen before and the only thing that turned people off of the wive is she keep complaining about him being gone over and over and how hard it's been. For these wives it was hard to handle. Their husbands had been gone 8 months and hers 2. From what I understand they felt like she was shoving it in their faces and that she was braging that she didn't have to deal with the whole deployment and how lucky she was.

    I think you will be fine! You need to get to know them and you might be surprised at the women you meet!


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