Thursday, January 13, 2011

Date Night... and we got All Dressed Up

My very sweet hubby surprised me tonight by making reservations at a fantastic Italian restaurant down the street from us. YUUUUMMY! And I was so excited to wear my brand new outfit (I have been dying to wear it). The sad thing is, I only got ONE picture! But that's okay, I thought that since I got "All Dressed Up" for dinner I would tag along with No Model Lady's
so here goes:
Top: F21-$5
Skirt: H&M-$34
Thigh-Highs: Frederick's of Hollywood-$12
Heels: Steve Madden (Ross) $25
Look on my hubby's face when he realized what I was wearing underneath: Priceless


  1. haha cute. :) love the thigh highs.

  2. Saucy McHottie!!! Love it! I love that your thigh highs were more than your top! A girl who knows her priorities:)

  3. SO CUTE!! :-) Glad ya'll had a date night!!

  4. Aw.what a sweet husband! I love your outfit! Very classy! xoxoxoo


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