Monday, January 31, 2011

Wanna know the easiest and best way to clean a bathtub??

      Close the curtain!! :)

Seriously, it works everytime.
Unless you have one of those weirdo guests that opens the curtain to see what you got in there.
And in that case, they deserve to see any hair balls that may be plastered to the wall.
(Not that I ever do that... I always put all that hair I seem to shed into the trash straight away,
you know, I'm just saying, in case someone were to do that ... Haha!)

Disclaimer: I promise I'm not a slob, in fact I cleaned my shower today... but I admit I have my lazy moments and I really hate cleaning my bathtub. haha!  And I'm not sure you can tell, but my shower rings are little white flowers, totally cute right??


  1. Loved this!

    I don't get hairballs in the shower but I sure do when I comb my hair after the shower. Those hairballs end up on my bedroom floor. I too am lazy sometimes!

  2. Wish the male gender would learn that trick! lol

  3. Ha, yes, I've done that trick before!


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