Monday, February 7, 2011

HP Day 5

Day 5: Fave male character and why.

Snape has such a tragic and beautiful story, he is by far my favorite of all characters. He was so insecure and vulnerable at a young age that his desire to be noticed and accepted led him to the Dark Arts. But his undying love for Lily led him to be the bravest character in the series (next to Harry Potter himself of course). He certainly redeemed himself in my eyes by prtecting Harry and putting his own life at risk by being a double agent and doing all he could for The Order. And I can't imagine how he must have felt seeing Harry every day. Seeing Lily's eyes shine out of the face of the man he loathed so much. He blamed himself for the death of a woman he loved more than anything and having to see a part of her every day must have killed him.  Snape overall was NOT a good person. But the love he held for Lily gives me butterflies. There is so much depth in his character, I loved reading about his development.

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