Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's time for "What's in MY purse"!

Sigh. Isn't she beautiful? That's the amazing Dooney
that my MIL bought me for my birthday this year.
Best. Present. Ever.

Here's what's hidden inside!

Here we have:
my little card holder (for my ID's and bank card) from Icing,
the most recent Kroger's grocery receipt,
baggy of coupons,
and my keys.

my AMAZING Nook and cord 
(also from my MIL, seriously, best in-laws in the world)
and my iPod nano and headphones
(anniversary gift from my amazing hubby)

Aquaphor lotion that I've been carrying since I got my tattoo last summer,
matchbook of nail files,
Cherry Chapstick (I'm seriously addicted, I have three more placed strategically around the house),
Blistex (I wanted something new, but my lips don't like anything but Chapstick),
Cover Girl pressed powder,
the best nail file ever (I wish I knew where I got it)
neosporin (cause you never know... where did all my bandaids go???)
little nail clippers
(my freaking tweezers are missing, I usually carry a pair)

fingerless gloves/mittens (my hands are always really cold) from Aerie,
 $12 Target sunglasses,
little holder thingy that came with my purse.

the contents of said little holder thingy:
check I got for Christmas (I really need to cash that)
my United Concordia Dental card,
Borders Rewards card (it's very exclusive),
Military Star Card (Cause I'm a Star! NOT. I hate credit cards, that's my husband's. Ugh)
Tricare card,
Library Card,
Insurance paper.

I can't believe how much I've pared down the things
that I carry everywhere with me.
In high school I carried an entire make-up bag,
hair straightener, hair brush, water bottle, books
and I can't even remember what else.
Needless to say that bag was HUGE... and I plan on using it as a diaper bag one day. haha!

What's in YOUR purse??


  1. Very cute purse! Mine is full of receipts and gum wrappers.

  2. Looks like mine ;) I think I may do this post tomorrow. I love my Aquaphor! I've used it since I got my 1st tattoo in 08 but it works wonders on dry hands, elbows, feet, etc.


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