Monday, March 14, 2011

My poor baby!

We have been wanting a German Shepherd Dog for a long time. I check Craigslist every few days in the hopes of finding one... and just yesterday we found the most adorable little boy for sale!!! We were beyond excited. We called the lady up, she explained why she needed to get rid of this poor four month old puppy (her husband's a sailor and she is starting school full time) and we hurried over to pick up our new baby. 
First thing we noticed was how terribly underweight he was. She told us their vet had recently changed his diet and he wasn't taking to the food so he's lost a lot of weight (hmmm, red flags here...) but either way, we decided to make him a part of the family. We knew that we would take much better care of the dog then she could so we took him home.
Our first stop was Petsmart to get him some better puppy food (she had him on adult food), some calorie booster and a new shampoo and conditioner for his really dry skin.  Walking through the store, we realized how lethargic this poor puppy was. Everytime we stopped walking he would flop down and he even peed on himself (definitely a bad sign). One of the associates was a HUGE help to us, she was a GSD breeder and gave us the best advice she could. She told us he was hopefully just dehydrated but to make a vet appointment ASAP (sadly it was a Sunday, but it was definitely on the top of our to-do list).
 After that we brought him home and he drank every bit of water in both dog bowls, scarfed down some food then flopped over for a nap. A little bit later we checked on him and he's breathing kind of funny, then he vomited every bit of food that he had eaten and his breathing was terribly labored. When he tried to get up and walk he ikept falling all over himself and running into walls. Immediately I started looking for Emergency Animal Hospitals that are open on Sundays. After calling at least five clinics we finally found one .  As soon as my husband brought our new baby in, they whisked him away and informed us that he was in critical condition.  Once he was stabilized three or so hours later the vet informed us that he had pneumonia and had to stay over night. She told us that he had to have been suffering for AT LEAST a week and that the previous owners or vet should have noticed and done something to help him. Needless to say we're pissed at how he must have been mistreated and SO GLAD that we are here to help him.
Today we were able to take him home and we immediately noticed a HUGE difference in his appearance and demeanor. He's a whole new puppy! We still have to give him oral antiobotics (he was on an IV overnight) and quarantine him for the next 14 days but we are so glad that he's going to be fine. I didn't realize how attached I could get to something in just a few short hours!!! I love this sweet boy already.  Check out how cute he is!!!


  1. What an adorable pup~ so glad he is doing better {and so angry at his first owners!}


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