Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Okay. I feel like I'm a pretty good neighbor. I try to be aware of how loud my music or TV is (though, of course, I do leave it a little loud sometimes, I keep it pretty low), I don't leave trash outside my door or in my yard, we always park in our own spot and we have never complained about anything my neighbors do. Though I definitely could have. On my left side is a young boy who doesn't know how to WALK on the stairs, he stampedes. And to my right I hear a lot of VERY loud arguments (and I'm pretty sure she's sleeping with another guy while her husband is gone, which would be none of my business except I can HEAR them. ugh.)
So why oh why are we getting picked on? My husband is a smoker, sure. Terrible habit, but he's always very good about NOT throwing his cigarette butts into the yard (his Dad had to pay a huge fine for doing that at their old apartment, so Michael learned the lesson there).  Also, he smokes Camels, NOT Marlboros (which we have seen on the ground by our building). Our neighbor on the right has approached my husband before and asked him not to throw his cigarettes on the ground, after explaining to her that it wasn't him we assumed that we would be done with it and she would move on to someone else.
No such luck. Instead she waited two weeks and called the officce to report my husband, and of course the office called him with a warning.
Really? Are you serious lady? How old are you?? If my husband says it wasn't him, it wasn't him. Be done with it. You don't mow your lawn, you're never outside, who cares if there are cigarette butts on the ground?? Are you a freaking litter Nazi? Go cry about it, or pick up the crap yourself. Is it really worth sending the manager on a manhunt to find "The Cigarette Butt Thrower"? Good Lord woman, find a hobby. Oh wait, your hobby is screwing around on your husband! Why don't you deal with your own bullshit and don't unload it all on my husband.
Over it.

Thanks for listening.


  1. Unless they caught him doing it they can't prove it's him! Even though it's not. Sounds like your neighbor to the right has some issues. Make sure to tell her to keep it down during the day because you can hear her. Bet she won't complain about anything again! lol

  2. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives than spite others simply because they are miserable. Good luck and hopefully you won't have to deal with those crazies for much longer.


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