Monday, April 25, 2011

Growing up in a military family I've never known what it's like to not have Tricare, base access and all the other wonderful (and not so wonderful) things associated with the military life. Thinking about the "civilain world" stresses me out. Seriously.
My hubby wants to discharge after his enlistment is up, I don't really agree with that decision but I support him, I wouldn't want him to dictate my career choices either.  I'm just so scared of something so unknown. What if he somehow loses his civilian job? How much will our new health insurance cost? How does civilian health insurance work? Will I still be as proud of him as a civilian as I am of him now? Will I resent his decision? I'm scared that his decision to get out will negatively affect our marriage, and I know if it does it will be my fault. I'm probably just being a nervous nelly. I mean, we have three more years to prepare ourselves. That'll be enough... I think. Okay, breathe, count to ten, everything will be fine.

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  1. My dad was a former Marine... he did two enlistments and then got out. So, for the first part of my childhood I was a Marine brat, the second half I grew up in the civilian world. For the last ten yrs I've been a Marine spouse and I have TOTALLY forgot what life is like outside the military. Sometimes I get scared about what its going to be like once my husband retires, and we still have ten years before that happens! It is scary when you are facing the unknown and when such a big decision is up in the air. I hope whatever decision is made it is one that you are both happy with and one that you have made together. :-)


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