Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it weird

that I am more worried about making sure America supports Israel than I am about government shutdown??
No, my family could NOT live with just one week's pay. We need the full two weeks.... and then some! haha. *sigh* BUT, how I see it, if the there is a gov't shutdown and we don't get paid then support for Obama will go way down(yay!) well, hopefully. People are so frigging starstruck by him... ugh. I should probably shut my mouth now since he signs our half paycheck. (ha, catch that little joke there? I know, it was dumb, but it's early! gimme a break! okay, i should stop now... :) Anyways, I feel like if we don't support and defend Israel (like they need defending, go Israel!) then America is doomed.  I'm sure there are a lot of political and biblical explanations for it and I've heard a lot of them, but I don't care to type them out (or try to remember what they were). I'm just sayin', we'll be doomed.

On a lighter note, we signed the lease on the new apartment and we move in this weekend. The apartment is small and ugly (sad face) BUT I'll have the extra money to try my hand at decorating... I'm hoping interior design is one of my never-before-seen talents *crosses fingers* I'll try to get some really terrible before pics, take pics as I go along, and we'll see what I come up with. Wanna come on this journey with me? And any advice would be fantastic. So please, let me know if you love/hate what you see! :)

Well, this post is a mess... have a nice day!


  1. I don't think it's right whether the parties can get along or not! They sure as hell won't miss their pay!!!! Threats, threats, threats that's all they make to each other instead of trying to work together!

    Yes, no matter what, we have to protect Israel! "ANY NATION THAT PROTECTS MY PEOPLE WILL PROSPER!" Theres one for ya. lol

    I'm sure you will make your "ugly apartment" a nice home.

    Have a great weekend, Amanda!

  2. Yes! Post pictures! Can't wait to see how you revamp your "ugly" apartment :)


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