Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little bit of duty day randomness

1. you know that big pile of clean folded laundry I posted about here?
Yeah, well, it's still there... and it got bigger.

and a bit messier too.... Housewife of the year award *right here*

2. My blog keeps fluctuating between 111 and 112 followers. I think it's pretty funny. Will I ever reach 113? Who knows... but it's pretty entertaining to watch. :) By the way, thanks for following!!! You make blogging WAY more fun. :)

3. You know television sucks when you are stuck watching Teen Mom reruns. UGH.

4.  I'm hungry.

5. I have a ton of Taco Bell sauce in my fridge.

6. I LOVE this tumblr Things We All Do
#188- "I laugh at my own jokes, because I'm hilarious."   For reals y'all.

7. Speaking of jokes, I love this website too.  Anti Jokes  I am a serious joke hitler... never heard that term? You can find a definition here. Yeah, that's me. I take jokes WAY too literally. It's pretty bad.

8. My hubby is really cute.
Yeah, that's his go to pose for ALL pictures. An open smile and a thumbs up. Usually it's accompanied by forehead wrinkles, but I think the squinting smoothed those out a bit.

9. That's really all I got. I guess I'm gonna go build houses on the Sims and pretend I'm not hungry.  And probably end up eating everything in my pantry.  I am bo-o-ring

What do YOU do to fill your time on duty days?


  1. I have a pile of laundry like that, but it's on the spare bed in the hotel room we're currently in for another 2 weeks. I'm jealous that you have a couch, lol. I happen to LOVE Teen Mom, but I can only watch each episode once, otherwise they start to tick me off.

    That's a cute pic of the hubster :)

  2. There's never ANYTHING on our tv, since we cancelled our cable. So, I watch "Friends" almost every day. lol Mister hates it!

    The pile of laundry that was in my front room... still there. I've been busy ;-)

  3. Ugghhhh I hate laundry but I love Taco Bell sauce. It's an addiction.

  4. I wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog! I don't read it like a stalker, but when I'm bored and lonely it helps me feel less lonely. Thanks for blogging, it keeps me out of my reality :P


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