Friday, April 1, 2011

Must Read

This is a really great post that truly speaks to what I'm feeling right now.
I am one of the lucky ones. Our longest deployment so far has been a three month (he caught the back end of a 7 month deployment) and his ship is currently dry-docked. I get to have my husband home for the whole rest of this year! I'm so excited to see him every day and work on building our family... But I'm scared that once his ship is out of dry-dock I won't be used to the separations, that they'll be harder for me to handle. Especially if we have children. 
I've been feeling guilty about having him home so often. I know; I am very blessed and I cherish every moment that we have together but there are so many service members and their families missing each other right now that I can't help but feel terrible that we're not serving the way we should be. I know that's pretty unreasonable but I can't help it.
Please do me a favor and say a prayer for our service members and their families today. That those overseas will stay safe, that those staying at home will receive a much desired phone call or letter from their service member and that their love will continue to grow and strengthen while they are apart from each other.
Thanks y'all.

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  1. Don't feel that way! Its part of the military. Some are needed at home while others are needed elsewhere. :-)


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