Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apartment Living

Ok, I know that when you live in an apartment you won't get quiet. It's not possible. And I am usually more than understanding about it.  But when my downstairs neighbor plays rap so loudly that I can't even hear my own music, that's a problem.  I like loud music too, but you can't hear my music down the hallway and upstairs (our apartments our situated inside a building, so you have to go through a security door to get to our front door). So I decided to take the very immature route and play my own music, very loudly, all day. Just like they do.
I know it's childish, but I'm in the mood to f*** with people today. It's whatever. I'm cleaning so I need something to liven up my day.

So today they are going to have to listen to music to the likes of this:

Now they can see how it feels to listen to music they don't like alllllll day.

Have you ever had annoying neighbor problems?


  1. I think we got lucky. The only thing we hear from our next door neighbor or downstairs neighbors are when they close their front door. They're quite.

  2. The day we moved into our new apartment complex our downstairs neighbors were fighting and yelling so loudly the entire building could hear them. Then the dude walked out of his apartment with a 40 in his hand, did a peace sign and said, "Toodles!" very loudly to his wife/gf or whatever she is...Classy right? I couldn't help but bust out laughing and we still joke about it to this day. Some people are just so ghetto!!!

  3. I hated living in our apartment, especially because all the crazy single soldiers that lived around us. I hope the music stays off or to a livable sound for you.

  4. For the past month we've been living in the hotel on base trying to find housing... needless to say we've gone through a fair amount of "neighbors." One guy & girl talked SO loud we could hear EVERY SINGLE detail of their conversations. Another guy was evidently deaf because we could tell exactly what TV channel he was on & what radio station or song on his ipod was playing. The worst was the "screamer" & "grunter" and it was always at some ridiculous hour between 1-4am *sigh* ...I can't wait to have a place to call my own, at least dealing with one set of neighbors you could talk to them about the issue, haha.

  5. I had bad neighbors... usually I ignored them but one night (for some reason that I can't remember) she was annoyed at me and they decided to have sex REALLY loud. It was summer so everyone's windows were open. They'd annoyed me time and time again so I just leaned out the window and yelled "She's totally faking that!!!" They slammed their window shut. Childish and immature but they were ridiculous.

  6. I'm ready to blow up our downstairs neighbors. When we get woken up at midnight/1am on a weeknight, and 8am on a saturday/sunday by your music because it's so loud it makes our bed vibrate, it's a problem. Not to mention they have terrible taste in music. When my husband has to pound on their door so hard it leaves a DENT in order for them to hear it at 12/1am, it's a problem. I left them a terribly nasty note on their front door, and then we left for 3 weeks. We got back 2 days ago, and this morning at 8am we were greeted with music. I fired a SUPER bitchy letter off to management (again - this will be my third one. I mentioned that I was under the impression, per our lease agreement, that our community stands by the 3 strikes and you're out rule.) yes, I am trying to get them evicted. No, I do not care. They are the same assholes that keep parking in our ASSIGNED spot, who I have towed twice.


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