Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Okay, so my bra size is really confusing me.
Last year I wore a 32DD. But when I moved to VA I gained a bit of weight but LOST a cup size. UGH.
I'm currently wearing a 32D.
But I wanted to make sure I was wearing my correct size (since 85% of women are wearing the wrong size I thought I could possibly be one of them) so i took my measurements and did a few bra size calculators on some different websites.
3 sites said I should be in a 32AA and one said 34DD.
Okay... color me confused. How do I go from a AA to a DD??? That doesn't even make sense!!
I guess next time I go bra shopping I'm going to get bras in every size, try them all on, and see what fits me best.
Does anyone else get really confused about bra sizing???


  1. That's a HUGE difference! Have you ever went into Victoria's Secret or Fredricks and had them measure you? I've never been able to get a correct measurement at home. I don't know why. But mine are always different than what both of those stores had.

  2. I've actually been measured many times at both places, and they always say something different. UGH!


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