Tuesday, May 24, 2011

High School

I do not have fond memories of high school. I didn't like my teachers and I didn't like my classmates (though the food was actually pretty good). I went to a nice school in a really expensive neighborhood where most of the kids had nice cars, expensive clothes and a sense of entitlement. Needless to say I wasn't jealous of those kids. I don't ever want to be like them. They were ungrateful, melodramatic clones. Plastic. I know I wasn't very original either (I definitely did the scene thing) but I at least had my own sense of identity separate from what I wore (I still think I looked pretty cute :) ) and who my friends were.  

But sometimes I sit and think: "Who was I in high school?"
I went to class, often cussed people out, slept (alot) and went home. People either didn't even know who I was or knew me as "the chick that was getting married after graduation". And you know what? I'm okay with that.
My husband loved high school. He was a big shot in ROTC and friends with pretty much every one. I still make fun of him for it. But I'm a little jealous. Not because he was kind of "popular", I could care less about how "those" people felt about me. But because he knows how to see the best in people. He can make conversation with anyone and make them like him. I'm a socially awkward mess that usually comes off snobby (which is SO FAR from the truth) or just really mean (which is definitely true, even when I'm not trying to be).   Michael even reminds me "to be NICE" before we go out with new people. I joke about it but I do realize that I have a hard time making friends. Maybe it's because I have high expectations... Or I had my nose too far up a books a** to pay attention when they taught social skills in class....

Wow, this post got a lot longer and more introspective than I intended... At least you don't have to read all the crap I deleted...

Anyways, what was your label in high school? Supposing you had one. Were you a jock? Band kid? ROTC nazi? Goth(I was this one too haha)?
Who else doesn't miss high school?

I was 16 and a junior in high school. Check out the blue eye shadow!

July 17, 2007
Back story: My husband was supposed to go to GMC and join the Army as an officer so this was his basic training graduation. But since he was only 17 and he wanted to marry me, he decided not to go, and well, you know the rest of the story. :)

 Graduation Day 2008

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