Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am sick and tired

of people being so judgmental all the time!! 
A few days ago I was perusing my tumblr dashboard and a woman posted a picture of her VERY beautiful scarification piece on her leg. Honestly, I wouldn't do it because I'm a wimp, but there is no denying that it is pure art and very beautiful and unique. But when I showed my husband, he freaked out (pretty much) saying that it's disgusting, that girl is stupid, blah blah blah. Okay, 1. Is that your fricking leg?!? That was her choice to make. And she obviously loves it, so who are you to say? 2. You don't have to agree with her decision, but you can at least say it in  a much kinder way. There's no need to degrade her. 3. It is NOT mutilation. Noone held her down and forced this upon her without her permission. She designed it. They did it in a sterile environment. And she WANTED it. It's art, hell if you don't want to call it that, you should at least call it what it IS, body MODIFICATION.

Just like breast implants, botox, hair dye etc. She modified her body to make her feel more beautiful. Sure, it's way more extreme than hair dye, but it's still a modification.

Another recent example would be a facebook group (ugh, I should just leave these groups alone, there's more drama than they're worth) that is SUPPOSED to support and give advice to milspouses... There was a milspouse who asked a very personal question about her sexual relationship with her husband.  Well, I was trying not to give anything away about the group but in order for this to make sense, I gotta do it. WHATEVER.
This woman's husband wants her to have sex with another man (while he's deployed) and send pictures and videos of it.
Okay, definitely not something I would consider, true, but she was just asking for ADVICE. Not for everyone to call her husband gay... And so many of the women on there were saying that it sounds like a trick. Who's husband tricks them like that????
But there was one woman on there who actually tried to give sound  advice who said that her and her husband have an open marriage. Cue the barrage of hateful comments about how she doesn't love her husband or that they are just doing it for money. Ugh. VOMIT. Seriously guys? Even if an open marriage is something you (nor I) would consider, doesn't mean it isn't a valid lifestyle choice.
No one knows anything about anyone else's marriage, so do NOT assume you know what's what.  I think what those women should be worried about is why the hell their husbands are "tricking" them into cheating instead of worrying about another woman's marriage (whose husband obviously ins't worried about his wife being unfaithful.) And yes, I mean unfaithful. In many open marriages the husband and wife have very strict rules about what and who they are allowed to do. Open marriages take a LOT of trust and in order for that to work you need to be faithful to your partner and their rules.

Well, those are just my two examples for today that really pissed me off. I know you guys see people being judged every day for the way they choose to live.

What negative judgement have you faced lately??
How do you deal with it?

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