Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm pretty pissed off

at a few of the people Michael works for right now.
My hubby should have made third today. He has an EP, pna points, and he teaches all that IT stuff so we feel pretty confident that he passed his exam EXCEPT for the fact that the test examiner lost his test and his profile sheet is nowhere to be found.
Excuse me? Did that really just happen? What complete bullshit. His Chief did everything he could to help find out about what happened to it, but at this point he doesn't really know what he can do.

Besides the money issue, I feel so bad for my honey because I know he was really looking forward to moving up in rank. He teaches classes (which as a seaman is pretty much unheard of) and goes above and beyond in every way. He deserves a lot more than his test being lost.

Anyway, that's my rant for today.

But I give my sincere congratulations! to everyone who was promoted today!!! :) 

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  1. Sometimes I hate people too. But really, I'm sorry! That's crazy. I'd be pretty pissed if that happened to Logan. I hope it gets found.
    Thanks for the happy birthday!


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